The first three months

  • A newborn’s brain, digestive system and the five senses rapidly progress soon after birth.
  • Healthy brain growth is influenced by nutrition, especially intake of key components such as DHA and Iron.
  • Your baby’s developing digestive system needs only breastmilk or formula, at least until four months.

Your baby is growing and developing rapidly throughout his first years of life. A healthy full-term baby will typically double his birth weight at six months, triple at one year and almost quadruple before he turns three. That’s why keeping track of your baby’s height and weight is so important.

Don’t miss an inch

Use GerberGrow to keep an eye on your little one’s weight and length. Every baby is different, but there are height and weight trends you can track to be sure your baby is on a healthy development path. 
The amazing brain
Remarkably, by the age of two, our brains reach around 80% of their adult size. The first few months his brain will develop lots of complex systems that carry into later in life. Building these pathways rely on the right nutrients and, without them, his brain may not develop to its fullest. Zinc, Iron, iodine, B vitamins, Choline and Omega-3 fats, such as DHA, are some of the keys to a healthy developing brain. The first few months, your baby’s brain will obtain these nutrients from breastmilk or infant formula.

Baby’s developing tummy: a work in progress

During the first few months, your baby is producing a limited amount of digestive enzymes. He’s only capable of digesting the proteins found in breastmilk or infant formula. As he grows, his digestive tract is also maturing, which will eventually allow him to eat and successfully digest different foods.

Not too much

During the first week, small frequent feedings are best. Too much formula or breastmilk and he could spit up! Now is the time to start learning his hunger and fullness cues.

Breastmilk is naturally gentle on your baby’s developing digestive system. Because newborn digestive systems are developing in the first 3 to 4 months, they can be very sensitive to protein sources other than milk from Mom. The protein in breastmilk is usually well-digested and tolerated by his developing digestive system.

Your baby is getting all that he needs from breastmilk or infant formula up until about four months, so there’s no need to hurry along the process.
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