Choosing the Right Seed

Making the best food for your little one starts with choosing the right seeds, varieties and growing regions. That’s why we only use those that will make vibrant, naturally sweet and delicious fruits and veggies.



Before a crop is planted, before it is tended and long before it is harvested, there is the seed.

Gerber puts careful consideration into the seeds it chooses because it knows just this: The seeds that sprout to make Gerber’s baby food are chosen, more than any reason, because Gerber grows for babies.

Gerber Choosing the Right SeedGerber Choosing the Right Seed

Stephanie’s one-year-old son, Beau, has begun eating the foods his mother grows. Sometimes he’ll get peas and greens beans plucked right from the ground. But he also eats Gerber pouches. Stephanie knows what is — and isn’t — in Gerber foods because she is, in fact, a Gerber farmer. And she has a degree in Crop and Soil Science from Michigan State University.

Stephanie also knows Gerber keeps tabs on all of the produce that goes into its fruit and veggie purees. Every field is accounted for. Stephanie herself is responsible for recording key information about her fields — beginning with the date seeds were planted all the way through harvest — and working closely with Gerber to make sure her crops are raised just right.

Gerber GrowersGerber Growers

Even after that seed is found, there is a balance that must be struck. A seed that might yield a delicious crop might not be right for the growing conditions.

It is the Agriculture Team’s task to find a seed that checks all boxes — and years of expertise allow it to do just that. Each year, the Agriculture Team evaluates new seeds that might produce better food for babies. They consider research from agriculture experts, and will test seeds’ viability by planting smaller-sized crops on farms that grow for Gerber and analyzing the results.

Gerber harvesting green beansGerber harvesting green beans

If the produce grown is good enough for Gerber, a new seed may be added to the rotation. Because taking the time to find the right seed for your little one is important.

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