Transporting Produce with Care


Transporting Produce with Care

The care we give our fruits and veggies doesn’t stop at harvest. Because we know when and where they are picked, we make sure they are protected from the elements and transported carefully to stay safe and wholesome on the journey from the farm to our kitchen.



It’s the details, like keeping a close eye on transportation, that help create the highest quality food for babies. Gerber’s Agriculture Team knows the hard work of the harvest wouldn’t count for much if the produce taken from the ground didn’t reach Gerber’s kitchens as safe as possible.




So as with every single step of the process from seed to puree, the Agriculture Team gives careful consideration to how it transports produce. The team has set in place its own set of guidelines to transport crops — call them Gerber’s rules of the road — to make sure produce in transit is always safe and cared for.



Take apples, which provide the Agriculture Team with a unique challenge. They are harvested later in the growing season, and the frosty temperatures of a cold morning can ruin an entire crop. Our team is mindful that if apples freeze they’ll lose the nutrition and flavor that make for a healthy, delicious puree. And since Gerber doesn't add sweeteners to its purees, maintaining that freshness during transit is key.



No detail is too small when it comes to transporting crops for babies. So, the Agriculture Team considers everything — even the bins in which produce is packed and transported. 

Each bin tracks the specific fruit and vegetable it will hold. This extra care during the transportation process goes a long way in ensuring babies get food packed with the nutrition they need.

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