Baby on the move


To help build baby’s strength and coordination, keep playtime active. Around this time, your baby may be ready to try these activities:

Roll play

Roll a soft ball toward your baby while he is sitting up, and watch him grab and squeeze it. If he is rolling or crawling, he can chase after the ball as it moves along the carpet.

Obstacle course

Turn your living room into a playground. Place pillows, cushions or boxes on the floor for him to navigate around. Play peek-a-boo for some giggles, and encourage him to keep moving by leading the way through the maze and placing toys just out of reach.

Toys to consider

Continue to give baby toys that challenge and stimulate:
  • Push or pull toys.
  • Stacking toys.
  • Wooden or soft blocks.
  • Toys that make a sound when he pulls a string or pushes a button.
  • Busy boards with parts that move and spin.

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