Choosing appropriate snacks for your Crawler

  • Learn when your baby may be ready for Graduates® Snacks for Crawlers and why they are developmentally appropriate.

Your world may change quite a bit while your little one picks up speed!

Babies typically begin to crawl around 8 to 12 months of age. At this stage, Crawlers are still learning to self-feed and need snacks that dissolve quickly. 

You’ll know when your Crawler is ready for Graduates® Snacks when he’s crawling with his stomach off the floor, beginning to self-feed with his fingers, and beginning to use his jaw to mash food.

Top Tip

Remember to only feed your Crawler snacks and meals while he's seated and supervised.

Smart snacking choices 

There are lots of options for your little one once your Crawler’s ready to snack.

Graduates® Puffs

  • Are coated to stick to wet fingers and hands, even when your baby is not using the pincer grip!
  • Nutrition info: 2 g of whole grains per serving and a good source of Vitamin E, Iron, Zinc and five B vitamins
  • Don’t break apart inside your baby’s mouth. They dissolve in just one piece, so it’s easy for your baby to track it inside her mouth with her tongue.*
  • Designed as star-shaped pieces with ridges, making them easy to pick up with a pincer grip.

Graduates® Lil’ Crunchies®

  • Meltable texture
  • Easy for a Crawler to pick up, chew and swallow
  • Has a great taste babies love
  • Nutrition info: 5 g whole grains per serving and are a good source of Vitamin E, Iron and Zinc

Graduates® Waffle Wheels™ and Wagon Wheels®

  • Larger and more firm than Puffs and Lil’ Crunchies®
  • Good for Crawlers learning to grasp, hold and chew
  • Dissolve slowly, so your Crawler can take her time eating one piece
  • Nutrition info: 2 g whole grains per serving and a good source of Vitamin E, Iron and Zinc

Graduates® Yogurt Melts®

  • Fast-dissolving snack with the goodness of real yogurt and fruit — without the mess
  • Easy for your Crawler to pick up, chew and swallow
  • Nutrition info: Good source of Vitamins A, C and E

Graduates® Arrowroot Cookies

  • Developmentally appropriate for Crawlers 10+ months
  • Soften quickly inside your baby’s mouth
  • Easily mashed with or without teeth, making them easy to chew and swallow
  • Nutrition info: with Calcium for strong bones and teeth and a good source of Vitamin E and Zinc

*Based on laboratory measurements of the rate of dissolving in artificial saliva. 

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