Crawler nutrition

  • Continue to offer soft fruits and veggies that are the right size and texture for your Crawler.
  • Introducing new textures to your Crawler is an important step to developing eating skills.
  • New textures—including thick purees and small, soft, pieces of vegetable or pasta added to baby food, as well as finger foods—help perfect eating skills.

Your Crawler is on the move and exploring so be sure to offer nutritious choices that give him the energy he needs. Check out the following chart listing the daily nutrition goals and food groups for your Crawler as a guideline for preparing his meals.  

Daily nutrition goals & food groups  

Food Groups Serving Size Examples Total Daily Goals:
Breastmilk or Infant Formula 4 fluid ounces breastmilk or formula 24 fluid ounces
Vegetables jar GERBER® 3RD FOODS® vegetables;
½ tray GERBER® GRADUATES® Fruit Pick-ups™ Carrots (10 months or older)
½ cup
(limit juice to 4 ounces of 100% juice, only once a day)
⅓ jar GERBER® 3RD FOODS® fruits;
4 fluid ounces 100% fruit juice;
½ tray GERBER® GRADUATES® Fruit Pick-ups™ Diced Apples (10 months or older)
½ cup
Meat/Beans 2 tablespoons GERBER® 2ND FOODS® meats 1 ounce
Grains ¼ cup (4 tablespoons) GERBER® Dry Cereal;
½-1 jar GERBER® 3RD FOODS® cereals
1 ounce equivalent

Watch & learn

Learn about your Crawler’s nutrition needs, how to introduce him to new textures and flavors, and how to introduce finger foods.

Good to know

Crawlers are ready for small, soft, pieces of vegetable or pasta added into their baby food.

New textures help develop eating skills   

Depending on his chewing ability and interest, your Crawler may be ready to step up to something new. These new foods can be introduced when your child is developmentally ready:   

3RD FOODS® Fruits or Vegetables
Good practice for up-and-down, forward-and-back-motion prior to swallowing. Helps him learn to use his lips for wiping food from a spoon.
3RD FOODS® Dinners and Cereals
Created with a thick baby food that hugs the small, soft pieces of veggie, pasta or grain. This mixture of baby food and food pieces allows baby to feel texture without having to manage all those separate pieces within his mouth. 

GRADUATES® Puffs & Yogurt Melts® Snacks

Easy to pick up and dissolves in his mouth. Helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

GRADUATES® Veggie Pick-Ups™ Diced Carrots
Very soft veggies that mash up easily, like cooked pasta. This texture helps his eating skills and appropriate for 10 month olds and older.

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