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A recent report is giving some of you worry about baby foods and formulas and I want to reassure you that when it comes to your little one, we never compromise on quality or safety.  Our foods, formulas and juices are 100% safe. Tons of care and goodness goes into every bite, bottle and sip. And, of course, we meet or exceed United States government standards for safety and quality. 

In case recent headlines concerned you, I’d like to share the steps we take to make sure all of our foods and formulas are safe:

  • We know the farms and fields where our fruits and veggies were grown.
  • We work closely with our trusted farmers and growers, many of whom we’ve worked with for generations.
  • We apply the strictest quality standards to keep goodness in our baby foods and formulas, and strive to ensure the exclusion of any contaminants.
  • Regular testing ensures our ingredients, foods and formulas to meet the highest standards.
  • Our foods are carefully delivered from our kitchens to the store shelf.

We do all this because little ones deserve the highest standards and it’s our mission to provide the best for baby. 

If you’ve got questions, we’re here with answers. Call our Parents Resource Center day or night at 1-844-796-5723. We know the headlines can be worrying, so we’re standing by to share our efforts to do the best for baby.

Bill Partyka
Chief “Parent” Officer

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