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The first and only infant formulas with HMO & probiotics

Gerber® Good Start® Gentle and Soothe are the first and only powder infant formula line made with a unique blend of 2'-FL HMO (Human Milk Oligosaccharide)** and probiotics that supports digestive health in tiny tummies. 2'-FL HMO is a prebiotic just like one of those found at significant levels in breastmilk and is part of our Pro❤Blend. Made with love, no GMO ingredients or artificial growth hormones.

*No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rbST-treated cows and non rbST-test cows.
**Not from Human Milk
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Comfort Proteins®, small proteins that are easy for tiny tummies to digest

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2'-FL HMO Supports digestive health and the developing immune system.

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DHA Supports brain and eye development.

What baby’s body is trying to tell you

Sad BabySad Baby

Fussiness & Uncomfy Gas

Fussiness and gas often go hand in hand. As baby’s digestive system is developing, they might experience discomfort associated with excessive gas.

Learn more about the signs, and get some feeding techniques and other tips that might help soothe baby.


Crying & colic

It could be colic if baby cries for long periods for no apparent reason and don’t respond to the usual comforting methods. Don’t worry, mama! Colic is quite common among babies. It usually starts in the first few weeks of life. However, experts don’t know what exactly causes most cases of colic, but it seems to occur at a similar rate in breastfed and bottle-fed babies. It may be related to not having enough good bacteria in the digestive system. Colicky babies have different kinds of bacteria in their digestive system than babies who don’t have colic.


Occasional hard poops

It’s uncommon for babies who haven’t started solids to become constipated or have trouble pooping. It’s normal for some babies to turn red or grunt while pooping. However, if you’re formula-feeding and baby is experiencing hard or hard and dry poops, it could be time to make the switch to a Gerber Formula with Comfort Proteins®. Babies who receive formula with easy-to-digest whey proteins often have more soft and fewer hard poops. If you think your baby is constipated, has trouble passing stools, or seems to be experiencing pain while pooping, talk to your pediatrician.

Learn more about pooping patterns, signs of constipation and more here!

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Spitting up after feeding in healthy babies is common, and should decrease as their digestive system matures. Baby will probably outgrow spitting around the time they can sit up.

Learn the difference between spit up and vomiting, and find some tips to help reduce excessive spit up here.

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Skin rash

Baby’s skin is sensitive and can be affected by his environment and what they eat. Skin rashes are often one of the the first signs of a food allergy.

Signs to look out for:

  • Itch bumps, blisters, or very dry skin
  • Skin is red to brownish-gray and may leak fluid
  • Often found on cheeks, forehead, or scalp

Learn more here and when you should call your doctor.

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Weirdly-colored stool

Pay close attention to your baby’s poop! Baby’s digestive system is going through a lot of changes—so generally, changes in color, consistency, and odor will happen often, especially when you start introducing solid foods. However, if there’s a sudden change, it might be time to consult your pediatrician.

Learn more about what your baby’s poop means here.

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What makes Gerber® Good Start® so special?

Our Gentle and Soothe powder formulas have:



Research has shown that HMOs support digestive health and the developing immune system. HMOs are the third largest component of breastmilk and encourage the growth of good bacteria in your baby’s digestive system. 2'-FL HMO, featured in our formula, is the most predominant HMO in human breastmilk**.

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All Gerber® Good Start® milk-based formulas have small and easy-to-digest Comfort Proteins®.


Gerber Good Start FormulaGerber Good Start Formula
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We picked probiotics that improve the good bacteria in tummies and are similar to probiotics found in breastmilk.

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Your little one will have 3,000 feeding occasions in their first 1,000 days. Usually, that would cost parents $1500 - $2000. Save with a subscription.

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We’re so sure your little one will love our formula, we’ve guaranteed it!
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