About MyGerber

About MyGerber

About MyGerber

Parenthood comes with questions. And we want to help. That’s why we’ve created MyGerber, an easy-to-use service with access to smart tools, experts, the latest articles and great offers, here to lend a helping hand through the first 1000 days of babyhood from conception until your little one's second birthday.
Meet Dotti

Meet Dotti

  • Exclusive to and totally free for our MyGerber members—Dotti is your always-on, personal baby expert.
  • She’s your 24/7 support system, there at every step to answer questions on your terms (even @ 3am).
  • She’s got a stacked team of nutrition, lactation and sleep professionals backing her up, and it’s all to help make your life easier.
  • Here’s the best part, all you need to do is text or message her your questions, because we get it – these days the quicker the better.
Sweet Deals

Sweet Deals

  • We all love it when we can save a little coin now and then. And when you're part of the MyGerber family, you'll do just that with exclusive coupons and offers on Gerber products that fit with your baby's development.
  • As a special treat for our members, we'll have exclusive offers that are sure to surprise you along the way.
Menu Planner

Menu Planner

  • Your very own personal menu planner where you can easily choose from a variety of customizable, developmentally appropriate meals that take the guess work out of getting your baby the nutritious options they need while still exposing them to new tastes and textures.
  • The planner grows with your baby, helping with meal time inspiration at every milestone.
Personalized Content
To help you make the most out of this journey, our milestone system will serve up perfectly timed content that matches your child's age and developmental cues as they grow.

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Got questions? Chat with Dotti, your personal baby expert! Got questions? Chat with Dotti, your personal baby expert! Got questions? Chat with Dotti, your personal baby expert!

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