Starting Solids with DHA Bundle

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Starting Solids with DHA Bundle

Introducing solid food to your little one is super easy with our Starting Solids with DHA bundle!


The fruits & veggies in our 1st Foods® baby foods are grown using our Clean Field Farming™ practices


Single-variety fruits and vegetables are ideal to introduce new tastes and check for sensitivities


Bundle includes: One (1) 8 oz Container DHA & Probiotic Rice Cereal, one (1) 8 oz Container DHA & Probiotic Oatmeal Cereal, two (2) My 1st™ Fruits Starter Kits, and one (1) 2-pack tubs each of 1st Foods® Apple, Banana, Carrot, Green Bean, Pea, Peach, Pear, Prune, Squash, Sweet Potato.

Product highlights

Just two servings of Gerber® infant cereal meets your baby’s daily Iron needs

Has essential nutrients such as Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Vitamin C, E and Six B vitamins for healthy development

These cereals contain 18mg DHA per serving

Texture is just right for babies starting solids

Single Grain DHA & Probiotic Cereals have DHA to support brain and eye development and Probiotic Bifidus BL to support healthy digestion when eaten on a regular basis
No artificial colors or flavors.

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Completely cooked and ready to serve. Just add liquid.

Baby's First Cereal Feeding

Mix 1 tbsp. cereal with 4-5 tbsp. of breastmilk or infant formula.

Easy-to-Mix Directions

Pour desired amount of cereal in bowl.
Stir in liquid (breastmilk or infant formula) to desired consistency.
Serve as is or warm in the microwave.
Always test temperature before feeding.
Discard any unfed cereal.

Microwave Guidelines for Heating:

Warm unheated liquid at MEDIUM (50% power) for 15 to 30 SECONDS.
Mix heated liquid with cereal.
Stir to even out temperature.
TEST TEMPERATURE before feeding.

Store in a cool, dry place. Use within 30 days of opening.

1st FOODS®

Do not use if foil seal is broken or missing.
Refrigerate after opening and use within 2 days.

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