What your little one drinks is just as important as what they eat. That's why we offer everything from water designed to be mixed with formula to tasty, real fruit juice for your Toddler.

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Water and Fruit Juice Blends

Water and Fruit Juice Blends

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With the goodness of real fruit and coconut water, Splashers are the perfect treat for your little one. With 40% less sugar than 100% apple juice*, they’re a great juice alternative. Refreshing, hydrating, and oh-so-fun.
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100% Fruit Juice

100% Fruit Juice

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One serving of Gerber® 100% Fruit Juices can count as one serving of fruit* per day at most. They make it easy to add variety to your kiddo’s diet, with many different types to choose from.

*Other fruit servings should come from whole, peeled, mashed or pureed fruits

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Ideal for mixing with formula, Gerber® Pure® purified water* undergoes an extensive, multistep process to ensure consistent purity and quality**.

*Minerals added for taste.

**Not Sterile. Use as directed by a physician. When preparing infant formula, always follow the instructions on the infant formula label. Use good sanitation practices to maintain product’s purity -- add Gerber Pure to the bottle or bowl first, replace the cap, and then add powdered formula or cereal.

For best results, refrigerate after opening and use within 7 days.

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