How to know your baby is getting enough

  • It can be hard to know if your little one is eating the right amount.
  • Pay attention to her appetite by watching for her hunger and fullness cues.
  • Gaining weight is one of the best signs she’s getting enough during feedings.

Your baby’s development depends on proper nutrition. But how do you know if she’s getting enough breastmilk? It starts with getting to know your baby.

Watch feeding habits
Your baby’s feeding patterns and behavior can be a big help in in determining whether she’s taking in enough. Here’s what you need to be aware of:

  • Watch for hunger and fullness cues. Let her comfortably feed until she stops the feeding. You can assume she’s satisfied when she’s no longer interested in feeding and lets go of your breast.
  • A hungry baby will initially be a little tense, then relax, as she becomes satisfied.
  • She may ignore or spit out your nipple, which would be a fullness cue.

Eight signs of productive feedings 
How can you tell if your baby is taking in enough breastmilk? 

  • You’re breastfeeding your baby at least eight times per 24 hours.
  • After the first week she should be gaining about 1 oz. of weight a day. 
  • Having six or more wet diapers and at least three yellow, “seedy” stools per 24 hours.
  • Your breast fullness increases between feedings, and then softens after each feeding.
  • You’re able to hear your baby swallowing your milk.
  • A relaxed and satisfied baby after each feeding. 
  • Comfortable feeding experience for you and your baby. This means you’re not experiencing sore, cracked, red, pinched or painful nipples during feedings.
  • Your baby will be back to her birth weight by 10 days old.

Ask an expert for help.

Dotti's always here to look out for you and your little one, and she can help you tell the signs to check if your baby is getting enough breast milk. She's your Personal Baby Expert-- shoot her a text, anytime.
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