Baby’s first tastes

  • Babies can taste sweet and sour just hours after they’re born.
  • Breastmilk contains the flavors, tastes and aromas of the food Mom eats. To most babies, it tastes sweet.

Just hours after birth, babies can make faces when they taste something sweet, bitter, and sour. She’ll press her lips together and grimace at a drop of vinegar. And her face will relax if she tastes something sweet, showing you that she likes it. 

Did you know?

Breastmilk is the first sweet taste that your baby will experience.

Breastmilk alone provides your healthy full-term newborn with the nutrition needed for the first six months of life, as well as added immune protection. It also contains the flavors, tastes, and aromas of the foods you eat. So, if you like food heavy in garlic or the taste of vanilla, you’ll relay these flavors to your baby through your breastmilk. These tastes teach her about what the family eats, even before she has a chance to taste them herself!
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