How to breastfeed in special situations

  • Moms nurse their babies under a variety of circumstances.
  • Learn more about breastfeeding after a C-section, nursing while pregnant and nursing more than one.

There are a wide variety of breastfeeding circumstances out there that call for more unique guidance. Here are a few special situations that may make breastfeeding more challenging:

C-section deliveries
Nursing in the traditional cradle position can be painful for mothers after a C-section. If you find this position uncomfortable, try the "football" or "side-lying"hold.

In the football position, hold her body on the same side as the breast that you’re nursing from. Her face should be even with your nipple, and her feet should point behind you. Support her head and shoulders with your forearm (the one on the same side as her) and rest your arm on a pillow.

Pregnancy and nursing
You can nurse one child when pregnant with another. If you continue to nurse through your pregnancy, paying close attention to getting enough calories and nutrients will be extremely important. 

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Nursing more than one

Breastfeeding two babies at the same time sometimes works out right away, but many times may not work out until you are first able to comfortably position and latch them on individually. This may take a few weeks to figure out before mastering simultaneous feedings. Don’t be discouraged. Practice and patience make all the difference.
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