Changing formula may help

  • Fussiness, excessive crying and gas could indicate a need to change formulas.
  • Benefits of 100% whey protein partially hydrolyzed infant formula.
  • How to transition gradually for the best results.

Troubleshooting your baby’s discomfort can be tricky. If your baby is fussy, cries more than normal or has gas, it could be that the formula you are using is disagreeing with her. Switching formulas is something you may want to consider, but only after you’ve discussed it with your baby’s pediatrician. 

Most milk-based formulas, such as Similac® Advance® and Enfamil® LIPIL®*, contain whole whey and casein proteins. GERBER® GOOD START® milk-based formulas are made of gentle 100% whey proteins that are partially hydrolyzed—meaning they are broken down into smaller pieces.

GERBER® GOOD START® milk-based formulas are 100% whey protein partially hydrolyzed infant formulas that have the Comfort Proteins™ Advantage, and provide certain digestive benefits.

  • Whey is a high-quality protein and does not form curds during digestion.**
  • Empty the stomach at a similar rate as breastmilk, and faster than formulas with intact proteins.
  • Easy to digest.
  • Result in soft stools.

Easy does it! 

Changing formulas is best done gradually, to give your baby’s digestive system time to adjust, and she may also be less likely to notice any change in taste. To switch your baby to a GOOD START® formula, do so over about a week's time. 

View and print our transition charts to help yourbaby make a gentle transition to a GOOD START® formula. 

We’re here to help

Shoot Dotti a text for more guidance on how to switch formulas. She's your Personal Baby Expert, and is backed by our Registered Dietitians!

*Similac and Advance are registered trademarks of Abbott Laboratories.  Enfamil and Lipil are registered trademarks of Mead Johnson & Co.
**Curd formation is not related to the body’s ability to absorb and utilize protein.
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