Complete nourishment in a bottle

  • Infant formulas, regulated by the United States Food & Drug Administration, provide complete nutrition to support your baby’s growth.
  • Your pediatrician, along with your own research, will help you decide which formula to use.
  • Bottles and nipples come in many different shapes, sizes and materials.

Breastmilk is perfect for your baby, and the protein in breastmilk is easy to digest and seen by even a newborn’s immature digestive tract as a friendly protein. When proteins are easily recognized, they are less likely to cause an allergic reaction or sensitivity. 

Infant formula is clinically proven to support growth and provides complete nutrition. We’ve thought through some of the decisions you’ll need to make, and have provided easy-to-follow guidelines and tips to make your job easier.

Choosing a formula
Deciding on the best formula for your baby is something you’ll do with the help of your pediatrician, but we have described for you the GERBER® GOOD START® family of infant formulas. Once you learn about the differences in infant formula brands, you can feel confident about your available choices. 

Test yourself

What’s your baby formula IQ? Take a quick quiz now to find out.
Choosing a bottle
Bottles and nipples are next on the list. Bottles come in many shapes, sizes, materials and angles. Nipples can be rubber or silicone, and come in different shapes with varying hole sizes. 

Watch & learn

Learn how to introduce a bottle, how to hold your baby during bottle-feeding and how to clean bottles.
Once your bundle has arrived, knowing how to prepare and store formula is also important for safe feeding. We’ll show you how to hold your baby while feeding, and the best ways to angle a bottle.

Make a plan

With a formula-feeding plan in place, you can rest assured that Dad and other care providers can do a great job even when you’re not there.

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