Preschooler food group guide

  • Learn how much of each food group your Preschoolers needs.
  • Find some serving size examples that meet your Preschooler’s daily food goals.

She’s older and has a will of her own, but your Preschooler still needs your help exploring and choosing nutritious foods to put her on the right path to health. So set a good example by serving a variety of nutritious foods for the whole family at meal and snack times.

Of course, your Preschooler has specific nutritional needs that differ from those of other family members, and choosing the right amount of servings from specific food groups can help her meet these needs.

These food group serving sizes can be used as a guide to help meet the nutritional goals of your Preschooler:

Food Groups Serving Size Examples Total Daily Goals:

½ cup to 1 cup low-fat milk or low-fat plain yogurt;

½ slice of hard cheese
16 fl. oz.
Vegetables  cup soft cooked, peeled, diced or cut vegetables, like broccoli, carrots, sweet potato 1 cup

⅓ cup soft peeled, diced or cut fruit like banana, kiwi, peaches 1 cup
Meat/Beans 1-2 tablespoons easy-to-chew cooked, diced or cut meat; 1 scrambled egg; ¼ cup refried beans 2 oz. 
(Choose whole grains whenever you can)
½ cup cooked pasta; 1 slice of bread or whole-grain bread, ½ cup whole-grain brown rice 3 oz. equivalent
Fats/Oils 1 tablespoon dressing, mayonnaise, cooking oil or soft margarine 1 to 2 tablespoons

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