Your Crawler’s Hunger & Fullness Cues

Crawler (8-12 months)

Crawler Cues

Hunger signs


  • Kicking his legs and banging on the high chair tray says “Hurry up with the food, Mom.”
  • Putting fingers in his mouth and fussing, which lets you know he may be hungry.
  • Carefully watches as you prepare his food, and is excited when you present it.
  • Reaches for food when he sees it and says “time to eat.”
  • Eats with full attention on you and anticipates the next bite.


Knowing when he’s full


Your baby usually makes his wishes known when he’s full.

 Fullness signs


  • Turns his head or leans away from the spoon.
  • Shuts his mouth tight and shakes his head “no” to say he’s had enough.
  • Pushes away his bowl and tries to knock the spoon from your hand.
  • No longer appears interested in eating and looks away from you.