A Message from Gerber

March 27, 2021

At Gerber, our top priority is baby’s health and well-being. Members of the United States Congress recently proposed legislation to address the issue of heavy metals in foods. We are reviewing the specific legislation and welcome the opportunity to work with our nation’s leaders to make the food supply even safer for little ones. Gerber has a long and proud history of working with the federal government and adopting new technologies and processes to ensure foods for baby are as safe and nutritious as possible.

We know media headlines can be concerning. We want parents to rest assured that all our foods, including rice cereals, meet the requirements of the FDA and our own strict standards for safety and quality. If any foods do not pass our quality and safety checks, we do not sell them.

Throughout our 90-year history, we’ve implemented safety and quality standards that are among the strictest in not just the U.S., but the world. You can trust that when it comes to baby, we will always do the right thing – including following all regulations and laws.

At Gerber, we take many steps to reduce the levels of heavy metals in our foods including: selecting growing locations based upon the best and safest available soil composition, testing soil and water before growing, planting and harvesting at the right times of the year, testing ingredients before they are made into foods, and regularly testing finished products to ensure they meet our strict standards for safety and quality. If any foods don’t pass our quality and safety checks, we don’t sell them. The U.S. FDA recently reinforced the food safety best practices and tools that we use at Gerber.

The FDA also cautioned parents that making baby food at home does not reduce potential exposure to heavy metals. Because heavy metals are naturally found in water and soil, they can become a part of certain fruits, vegetables and grains as they grow. This is true whether you buy them in the grocery store or a local farmer’s market.

We are committed to reducing the levels of heavy metals in foods to be as low as possible.  Parents can find the FDA's recent guidance about heavy metals in baby foods here or reach out to our My Gerber Baby Experts, available 24/7 at 1-800-4-GERBER.