Planning for a Positive Newborn Formula-Feeding Experience

Newborn (0-4 months)
By Gerber

Differences in Formula for Baby

You are choosing to nourish your newborn with infant formula. Get as much information as possible about how infant formulas differ and why the first formula you choose may make a difference.


Deciding which baby formula to use before the big day will make for a more successful and enjoyable feeding experience.


While breastmilk offers your baby the best nutrition, baby formula is the only appropriate alternative to offer complete nutrition during the first year. Baby formula is patterned after breastmilk, but not all formulas are the same. Learn as much as possible about different types of formula.


When packing for your hospital trip, pack for your baby too! First call the hospital beforehand to find out what formula they have in stock as some hospitals may only carry one brand of formula. If they don't have your formula of choice, you can bring a supply of 3 fl. oz. ready-to-feed infant formula nursers with you too, so your baby will get the same formula during the hospital stay as you plan to use at home.


Before delivery day, learn how to prepare and store formula. Be sure to have purchased at least a two-week supply of formula to have when you come home. 


Let the nursing staff know you would like to feed immediately after birth. Immediate skin-to-skin contact builds a strong bond with your baby and helps keep his temperature and breathing normal. Even with a C-section, try to feed, skin-to-skin, within two hours.


Have the baby in the same room as you and within hearing range at all times so you can quickly learn and respond to his early feeding cues.


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