Is Now the Right Time for Solid Foods?

Newborn (0-4 months)
Sitter (6-8 months)
Supported Sitter (4-6 months)
By Gerber

Solid Foods for Baby

First things first, your little one will have to be able to control their head and neck before it's safe for them to eat new foods. It's tougher than you'd think, so make sure you give your itty bitty plenty of time and patience. Your child should also be old enough to move food around in their own mouth before they can start eating.


When your little one was born they had natural stores of iron. As they get older those get smaller, so it's important, especially for breastfed babies, to have iron sources in their diet. Iron-fortified baby cereal is a perfect first food choice for this reason.


It’s no longer generally recommended to delay solid foods that might be food allergens - in fact, introducing these foods around 6 months or not too long after is now thought to help prevent food allergies.


Make sure you check with your pediatrician first to find out if your baby is ready to start solid foods, needs more iron in their diet, or should follow any specific instructions about food allergens.