Shaping life long eating habits

  • Eating meals with your child is a great time to be a good role model and help him build good eating habits.
  • Using a positive feeding approach can help positively influence his eating habits.

Your Preschooler is establishing his independence in lots of ways, including wanting more control over the food he eats. Be mindful that his eating habits may be greatly influenced by your parenting style.

How you feed is just as important

Preschooler age can be a challenging time when it comes to healthy eating habits. Moms who seem to be successful in getting their child to eat a varied and nutritious diet are adopting some of these practices:

  • Taking the time to sit and eat with their child.
  • Acting as a good role model by eating healthy foods themselves.
  • Having reasonable expectations of what and how much their child will eat.
  • Giving their child choices, but limiting unhealthy options.
  • Involving their child in preparing meals.
  • Being consistent with their approach to feeding — not demanding one minute and relenting the next.
  • Making mealtimes pleasant and fun.
  • Rewarding their child with praise, high-fives and hugs — not candy and snacks.


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