Meal Options

Make the most of mealtime with tasty, wholesome selections of GERBER® foods designed for your growing child. GERBER® meal options are great—from the first tastes your child tries all the way to learning how to self-feed.

Meal Options

Toddler Meals
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Gerber® offers tasty, wholesome meal selections that are designed for Toddlers and children aged 2 and older, with no preservatives and no hassle. They’re easy to warm and serve!

Lil’ Pastas™—Cheese & Carrot Filled Vegetable Ravioli
GERBER® Lil’ Pastas™ with Hidden Veggies

Cheese & Carrot Filled Vegetable Ravioli in Savory Squash Sauce

Lil’ Meals®—Mac & Cheese with Chicken & Vegetables

Mac & Cheese with Chicken & Vegetables

Lil’ Pastas™—Cheese & Spinach Filled Vegetable Ravioli
GERBER® Lil’ Pastas™ with Hidden Veggies

Cheese & Spinach Filled Vegetable Ravioli in Three Cheese Sauce

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Get your Toddler off to a great start with Breakfast Buddies® with Real Fruit or with Real Fruit & Yogurt as part of a complete breakfast.

Gerber® Breakfast Buddies® Berries & Cream
GERBER® Breakfast Buddies® Hot Cereal with Real Fruit & Yogurt

Berries & Cream

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both my kids LOVE these pasta pick ups!! These make my life so easy for on the go and at home when she doesn't like "grown up" food. Thank you Gerber!!!

Gerber Fan