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Why do we need this info? We understand that all babies develop differently. Knowing the due date or age of your baby gives us


All children develop and reach milestones at their own pace. Based on {{child.firstName != '' ? child.firstName : 'your child';}}’s age, it looks like {{child.genderId == 2 ? 'your child' : child.genderId == 0 ? 'he' : 'she';}} has hit the {{getMilestoneName(child.milestoneIdxMatch)}} milestone. Have a look at the developmental cues below to make sure we’ve got it right. If this milestone doesn’t sound right, browse through the others to see if there might be a better fit.

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Gerber knows that every baby and every mom is unique, which is why we customize our expert guidance to your needs. Please tell us a little more about your preferences so we can be of greatest service to you.

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How do you plan to feed your baby?

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