Gerber's New Look

Gerber's New Look

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Wondering about our new look? Well, we decided to make our packaging as awesome on the outside as the real, nutritious food we put on the inside. New look, same good-for-baby ingredients and now easier than ever to find at shelf. Keep an eye out for our new look on your favorite products – arriving 2017-2018.




All of our Milestone Symbols™ got a redesign, and the Birth+ name now goes by Newborn+, but don’t worry – it means the same thing!



    • We use wholesome, delicious ingredients, many featured prominently on our new packages.
    • Keep an eye out for recipe amounts on the top of all our purees, letting you know some of what’s included in each little tub.
    • We use rigorous Clean Field Farming™ practices to ensure that our fruit & veggie purees are not only nutritious, but also wholesome and safe for even the littlest bodies.

    non gmo


    NO GMOs

    • Over 150 Gerber® foods are made without GMOs (genetically engineered ingredients.)
    • All Gerber fruits & veggie purees are Non-GMO.
    • All Gerber foods made without genetically engineered ingredients are now labeled with either Gerber’s Non-GMO seal or the Non-GMO Project Verified seal, so keep an eye out!
    • Our ambition is for all Fruit & Veggie baby foods to be certified to the Non-GMO Project Verified standard by 2018.




    Because we care about the environment your little munchkin will grow up in, all of our new packages now have How2Recycle™ labeling – so you know exactly how to recycle each piece of every package.  For more info check out the How2Recycle™ website.

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    Our new labels feature updated Nutrition Facts labeling based on the FDA’s new guidance. Here are some features of the nutrition labels on our new packaging:

    • Bigger emphasis on “Calories.”  Don’t worry – there’s no need to be counting your little one’s calories – instead follow her hunger and fullness cues! However the larger calories will be your big clue that you are looking at an updated nutrition facts panel.
    • Increased prominence of “Serving Size” and “Servings per container”.
    • Addition of “Added Sugars” – this new info lets you know if any of the total sugars in the food are added sugars. Remember – natural sugars like those found in fruits and milk are not added sugars.
    • Info on Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron and Potassium.
    • New Daily Value Amounts – many of the daily value amounts have been updated based on the latest and greatest nutrition science, so you may see new % DV numbers on labels. 



    Questions about our new packaging, or anything else? Just text Dotti! She’s your always-on baby expert and is just for our MyGerber members. 

    Got questions? Chat with Dotti, your personal baby expert! Got questions? Chat with Dotti, your personal baby expert! Got questions? Chat with Dotti, your personal baby expert!

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