Help your little one learn to chew with Lil’ Bits™ recipes

Introducing new GERBER® 3RD FOODS® Lil’ Bits™ recipes with perfectly sized soft pieces of fruits or veggies to help your baby learn to chew.

Grace, our 2015 Spokesbaby, starts chewing GERBER® 3RD FOODS® Lil’ Bits™ recipes  with our Nutrition Expert, Dr. Sarah Smith-Simpson.

Learn more about GERBER® 3RD FOODS® Lil’ Bits™ recipes here.

Chewing is an essential milestone in your little one’s development. In fact, children who eat foods with chunky textures before the 10-month mark may have an easier time transitioning to table food. That’s why Gerber created a new line of GERBER® 3RD FOODS® Lil’ Bits™ recipes. They’re made with perfectly sized soft pieces of fruits or vegetables so your child can explore new textures and tastes, while developing chewing skills. 

So how do we create the perfectly sized and textured Lil’ Bitsrecipes? By carefully selecting ingredients, creating precise texture and flavor combinations and then cooking with a special cooking method. And how do we craft nutritious and delicious recipes? With help from 80 experts, and help from our panel of Tiny Taste Testers– who tested 30,000 spoonfuls of Lil’ Bits recipes.

If your child is ready for GERBER® 3RD FOODS® Lil’ Bits™ recipes, you can be sure that with every satisfied spoonful, your little one is also learning the skills needed to transition to the big kids table.

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