Your Sitter's incredible growth and development

  • Sitting upright introduces baby to a whole new world to explore with his eyes.
  • Sitting independently frees up his hands for exploring objects.
  • Learn how to manage teething woes and take care of his new baby teeth.

Your baby is enjoying the world in an upright position! Sitting upright introduces baby to a whole new world to explore with his eyes. Eventually, he’ll progress to sitting up all by himself, without hands or your help. 
Your Sitter is learning how to rake objects using his fingers into his palm. Soon, he’ll be picking up objects with his entire hand. Watch what you leave within his reach, because it may go straight to his mouth! 

Smile! It’s baby’s first tooth 

The moment you’ve waited for — your baby’s first tooth! Expect to see that first breakthrough around 6 to 9 months, though the timing can vary. The two front teeth, either upper or lower, are typically the first to appear and are followed by the other front teeth. Next, expect the molars to appear, then the upper canines or eye teeth. 
Teething may occasionally cause irritability, crying, drooling and low-grade fever. To help relieve your little one’s teething woes, try these tips: 

  • Wash your hands and massage his gums with one of your fingers. 
  • Let him chew on a cold teething ring. Be sure it’s a hard, safe material.
  • If your child gets a fever above 101⁰F while teething or a lower fever persists, check with your pediatrician.

Good to know

Help prevent cavities by never letting your baby fall asleep with a bottle.

It’s never too soon to keep teeth clean. Some experts are now recommending using a soft brush with a rice grain-sized amount of toothpaste for cleaning first teeth. Talk with your baby’s pediatrician to find the best way to clean his new teeth. 
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