Your Supported Sitter


Life from a new perspective

Do you hear that familiar little babble? That’s your Supported Sitter, showing the first signs of her personality and sense of humor. Your baby’s motor skills are developing too, as she tries to hold objects and bring them to her mouth. She’ll start to gain control of her head and even hold it up while she’s on her tummy. Soon, when she can sit upright with some support, she’ll be ready to be introduced to new tastes and textures.

Every child is different

Don’t worry if your little one isn’t developing at the same rate as others at this stage; she’ll master it all in her own time. Infant development is unique to each child, but if you’re ever concerned about your child's progress, talk to your pediatrician.

Starting solids for baby

My grandchild is a supported sitter. ;) Thank you so much for the info, so much has changed in 20 years.

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Your guide to starting solid foods—ready for cereal
Solid Foods Quiz

Is your baby ready for solid foods?

Introducing baby’s first foods

Absolutely love the new plastic cereal containers!!

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