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  • Supported Sitter development includes more intentionally grabbing at objects as he sits up with support taking in the world.
  • Trying for straight arms while on his tummy, his head is up and gazing around.
  • Learning to move his tongue back and forth to swallow infant Iron-rich cereal is a big accomplishment.

When your baby starts gaining more head control and can sit up with help, your baby has become a Supported Sitter. It’s exactly what it sounds like; he can sit upright with some help and is beginning to control his head better. Spending time on his tummy and sitting up with support will build his motor skills and muscle strength.

During this stage, your baby will make strides in his overall infant development. He can push upward with straight arms, while on his tummy, tries to control his head and looks around. What progress!  As a Supported Sitter, his grasp has moved from involuntary to being a reflex that happens when things touch the palm of his hand. He now has a choice to grab objects.

Did you know?

Supported Sitter development includes learning how to move food from the front to the back of his mouth to swallow—a new and important feeding skill.

Understanding infant development skills
Gaining control of his tongue and coordinating his cheeks and lips is a turning point for eating skills. Earlier, his tongue could only push food outward. Now it serves a more useful purpose: moving infant cereal and baby food from front to back so he can swallow. Don’t be surprised, though, if you still see the tongue pushing food in the opposite direction, straight out of his mouth.

Your baby’s gag reflex has also matured, shifting toward the back of the throat to better control the flow of cereal and baby food he’s now eating. Your Supported Sitter recognizes the spoon, opens his mouth and is excited about the taste coming his way.
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