Introducing New Gerber Snacks

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New snacks worth smiling about!

With our new snacks, get goodies that are wholesome, nutritious, and designed just for your little one! At Gerber, we’re always creating ways to make every little bite count.

These brand-new choices are perfect for little ones as they teethe, snack, and sip their way through their food adventure. Meet the new Teethers, Popped Crisps, Fruit & Veggie Bars and Splashers!

Teethers & Teether Wheels



Solutions for teething little ones

Teething babies will try and take a bite out of anything. That’s why we created these easy to hold, wholesome teethers for them to have instead! Start your little one off with dissolving wafers and get sturdy wheels for advanced teethers. With both, baby stays soothed and you stay zen!

Soothes teething gums
Wafers have flavors of real fruits and veggies
Wheels made with 2g of whole grains
Wafers dissolve easily
No artificial flavors or colorings
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Popped Crisps and Fruit & Veggie Bars


Grown-up taste for tiny tummies

Our new Popped Crisps and Fruit & Veggie Bars have age-appropriate nutrition you can see! With wholesome, real food ingredients in every bite, little ones will learn to love healthy tastes. They’re all non-GMO and certified organic - perfect for the whole family.

Crisps have 2 grams of plant-based protein per serving
Bars have 1⁄2 a serving of fruit & veggies for toddlers
4 grams of whole grain goodness in crisps
No Added Sweeteners


110 mg Omega-3 (ALA) per bar from Chia
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Coconut Water Splashers



Coconut hydration, made for little hands

With the goodness of real fruit and coconut water, Splashers are the perfect treat for your little one. With 40% less sugar than 100% apple juice*, they’re a great juice alternative. Refreshing, hydrating, and oh-so-fun. 


No Added Sweeteners
Specially designed pouch for self-feeding with less spills

No artificial ingredients or flavors

*4-5g of sugar vs 11g sugar in 100% apple juice
Clear packaging to see what’s inside


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