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Teething bites, but the discomfort associated with it is a natural step in your child's development. It can be confusing how to respond, but we have you covered with all the info you need to know. From when that first tooth will appear to how to soothe your baby, we have the best ways to care for your little one's new teeth.

Not plastic. Not medicine. New Soothe 'n' Chew

Our Soothe 'n' Chew is a first of its kind long-lasting edible teether. We used real banana and wholesome grains to give your little one pain relief and something they'll love to gnaw on.

Gerber Soothe 'n' Chew Teethers for BabyGerber Soothe 'n' Chew Teethers for Baby

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How to soothe your baby during teething

When your baby starts teething, they may experience a lot of discomfort, and there's a lot of information out there on the best way to soothe. Here's your guide on how to best help your little one during teething.

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Frequently asked questions about teething

From timelines to the starting signs of teething, you have a lot of questions about teething, but don't worry, you came to the right place for answers.

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What you need to know about dental care

When your baby's teeth start to emerge, it's important to give them care so they can stay healthy. Here's how to care for those new pearly whites.

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No matter the age of your child, we've got you covered with a variety of teething products