Ta-da! Here’s your Toddler


Your bundle of energy has a social life  

Your Toddler becomes more independent with each day, something you’ll notice at mealtimes too. She might insist on feeding herself rather than have you help, now that her finger-feeding skills are improving, and she’ll play around with a spoon herself.

Socially, she’ll be excited to meet new people and she’ll even join in on conversations. But be ready, because your Toddler might also get familiar with words like “no” and “mine”—a way to express her newfound independence!

every child is different

Don’t worry if your little one isn’t developing at the same time as others at this stage; she’ll master it all on her own time. If you’re ever concerned about your child's development, talk to your pediatrician.


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both my kids LOVE these pasta pick ups!! These make my life so easy for on the go and at home when she doesn't like "grown up" food. Thank you Gerber!!!

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