Introducing juice to your toddler

  • Adding juice to your tot’s diet adds flavor, Vitamin C and nutrients.
  • Nothing but the best for your little one! Only offer 100% juice as your juice choice.
  • Limit juice to 4 fl. oz. a day and never offer it in a bottle.

Why juice is great

Get ready for a super new sipping stage! Juice is a great way to add flavors, Vitamin C and a serving of fruit to your toddler’s diet. Here are some tips on choosing and introducing baby juice to your tot:

Sip small

  • If you’re up for introducing juice to your little one, only offer it when she has reached one year old.
  • Keep it to a tot-sized fruit serving: one serving per day, and no more than 4 fl. oz. (½ cup) per day. Other fruit servings should come from toddler friendly fruits.
  • Make sure to serve juice only from a cup when she is sitting and supervised.
  • Your little one’s teeth are at risk for baby bottle tooth decay if exposed to juice for long periods. That’s why offering juice from a bottle isn’t a great idea, and you’ll want to make sure she isn’t sippin’ all day.

Choose the right juice

  • 100% juice is your best choice, as it offers no added sugar.
  • Keep your eyes peeled. If a beverage is labeled "-ade," "drink," "beverage," or "cocktail," it’s usually not 100% juice and may have added sweeteners, colors or artificial flavors.
  • Plan for pasteurized! Non-pasteurized juices, like some fresh ciders, may contain bacteria that can make your baby sick.


Your Toddler should have about 2 cups of milk per day plus water to quench her thirst. You can also let her have 4 fl oz of 100% juice every once in a while to give her a serving of fruit.

The Perfect Portion

If you introduce juice to your tot, keep it to 4 fl. oz. (½ cup) max per day. You don't want her to fill up on juice when she needs a variety of foods for a nutritious diet.
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