How to introduce a cup

  • Now might be a good time to introduce your Sitter to a cup.
  • Babies love to imitate, so she’ll likely try to do what you’re doing.
  • Place a little water in an open cup and hold it to her mouth.
  • It’s important to teach your child to recognize a cup and relate it to drinking.

At around 6 to 8 months, babies are eager to learn new skills, making this the perfect time to help her learn to drink from a cup. Waiting until she’s a year old could make it more difficult, as it will be new and unusual.

Show her how it’s done
Hold a cup with two hands and bring it to your mouth to drink. Babies love to imitate, so she’ll likely try to do what you’re doing. You’ll have to do the holding and tipping at this time, because she’s in it for the exploration.

Now it’s her turn
You can hand her an empty cup and let her play with it to practice holding it. A cup that is the same size and width as a bottle will help her with a grasp. Usually the first time she holds a cup she will try to seal her lips around the rim. It’s all about learning how a cup functions. Do not expect her to be giving up the bottle yet! 

Quick Guide

Do have a variety of cups so she continues to learn.

Do imitate drinking from a cup and be very encouraging as your Sitter learns.

Do use an open cup. This works mouth muscles, helping her hone her skills.

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