Nutritional assurance for Toddlers

  • Toddler formulas help fill any nutritional gaps that are a result of picky eating.
  • An exclusive probiotic L. reuteri helps support digestive health.

Your Toddler is growing and moving quickly! As his diet begins to include more food and less breastmilk or formula, you may become concerned that he isn’t getting the nutrition he needs. Including a wide variety of developmentally appropriate foods in his diet is important, but sometimes — as much as you try — he just won’t eat it.

Toddlers are infamous for “food jags,” meaning they may only want to eat the same food meal after meal. While this is a way of asserting independence and part of normal development, it can be very frustrating for parents.

If your Toddler has been on infant formula, it may be a relief to learn there is a formula option that continues to provide nutrition assurance. While cow’s milk can be introduced after his first birthday, the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests toddler formulas may be a good choice when he isn’t getting enough Iron and the right balance of nutrients from food.

Nutritional Assistance

Toddler formulas are a great option for formula-fed Toddlers who are too active to finish meals or are picky with food. These formulas are specially designed with nutrients like Iron and fatty acids like DHA that may be lacking in some Toddler diets. 
Toddler formulas, similar to infant formulas, are made with different types of proteins. Formulas made with 100% whey protein that has been broken down into small pieces may provide certain digestive benefits:

  • Whey is a high-quality protein
  • Easy-to-digest
  • Results in soft stools

The exclusive probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri (L. reuteri), has been added to a certain toddler formula to support digestive health.

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