Food groups for a healthy Toddler

  • ¾ cup of vegetables and 1 cup of fruit are daily recommended foods for your Toddler.

Toddler food group serving size guide 


Here are some sample food groups for a healthy Toddler and their recommended serving sizes to help meet the nutrition goals, shown below.

Food Groups Serving Size Examples Total Daily Goals:
Milk ½ - ⅔ cup milk or yogurt
1 slice American cheese
16 fl. oz.
Vegetables ¼ cup soft, peeled and cooked, mashed or cut to bite-size pieces ¾ cup
(Limit juice to 4 fl. oz. of 100% juice, only once a day)
¼ cup soft peeled, mashed or chopped fruit; 4 fl. oz. 100% fruit juice 1 cup
Meat/Beans 1-3 tablespoons cooked; mashed or easy-to-chew chopped meat, beans or eggs 1½ oz.
(Choose whole grains whenever you can)
¼ cup cereal, rice or pasta or ½ slice bread, ½ cup hot cereal 2 oz. equivalent
Fats/Oils ½-1 tablespoon dressing, cooking oil or soft margarine 2 tablespoons

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