Your pregnancy weight tracker

Your pregnancy weight tracker

What do my results mean?

One very important thing you can do to prepare for the birth of your baby is to eat nutritiously so you appropriately gain weight gradually throughout your pregnancy. If you’re expecting just one baby:

  • During the first trimester, typical weight gain is around 1 to 4 1/2 pounds.
  • During the second and third trimester the rate of weight gain is about 1 pound a week.

Your weight chart shows a dark pink area to serve as a guide for best health. (If you're expecting multiple births, discuss your recommended weight gain with your doctor.) Your actual weight gain appears as the black line.

If you are concerned about your weight, you should see your doctor and discuss the following:

If you’re gaining too much weight:

  • Is this extra weight a problem for my health? For my baby's health?
  • Should I eat fewer calories?
  • Should I follow a low-fat diet?
  • Should I start an exercise program?
  • Should I cut the sodium in my diet?
  • Any other suggestions?

If you're not gaining enough weight:

  • Do I need to gain more weight for my baby's health?
  • Assuming I need to eat more calories, what types of foods should I add to my diet?
  • Should I be concerned about having too much fat in my diet?
  • Should I take a nutritional supplement?
  • Any other suggestions?

Plot your progress, pound for pound

Gaining an appropriate amount of weight – not too much, not too little – throughout your pregnancy is important for both you and your baby.

GerberBump helps you record your weight gain week by week, so you can keep track of how you grow together.

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