Your child's growth tracker

Your child's growth tracker

Growth charts help monitor and keep track of your baby’s physical growth and may serve as an indicator of when to look a little closer into her health and development. At each check up the doctor or nurse will measure your child’s length (or height after her 2nd birthday), weight and head circumference. Remember that your child is an individual and will grow at her own pace The main purpose of plotting growth on these charts is to monitor how your child grows over time. The growth curve on the chart, created from the height and weight measurements, shows how growth is progressing. Following your child’s growth trend over time along the growth curve rather than how much they gain or lose at any one point is key. Discuss any question you have about your child’s growth pattern with your doctor.

You can track your child’s growth at home with weight and height measurements that you take yourself. However, keep in mind that they will not be as accurate as measurements taken by the nurse or doctor during his check up.

BMI information is only calculated for children ages 2 and up. Be sure to discuss your child's growth with her doctor at each visit.

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GerberGrow tracks how your little one grows, inch by inch and pound by pound. You can track both weight and height - and create a keepsake to treasure. 

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