The story behind Gerber® DHA & Probiotic Oatmeal Cereal’s gluten-free oats

  • Gerber DHA & Probiotic Oatmeal cereal’s oats are gluten-free every step of the way.

Oats are naturally gluten-free but can come into contact with wheat, barley or rye in the field, during harvesting, transportation or storage. Gerber ensures the oats in DHA & Probiotic Oatmeal cereal are gluten-free every step of the way. In fact, we know the farms and the fields where they are grown!

First, dedicated farmers use only pure oat seed and only rotate crops that do not contain gluten. The fields are also inspected for potential cross-contamination risks and the grains are sampled for purity in the field. The equipment in the field is regularly inspected to minimize contamination risks.

Once the oats are harvested from the fields, they are milled into flour at a gluten-free facility. After milling, the oat flour is tested by a qualified laboratory to ensure it contains less 10ppm of gluten and then shipped to Gerber’s facility in vehicles that are thoroughly cleaned, inspected and sealed.

Once the oat flour arrives at Gerber, it is received and stored in a dedicated gluten-free location, and finally our gluten-free Gerber® DHA & Probiotic Oatmeal Cereal is produced on a dedicated gluten-free line, with quality checks in place to ensure our oats remain gluten-free every step of the way!

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