Meet Our 2019 Spokesbaby

2019 Hero

Meet Our 2019 Spokesbaby

One year old Kairi Yang from Hickory, North Carolina, was chosen as this year’s Spokesbaby among a record-breaking 544,000 entries. Kairi intrigued the judging panel with her delicate expression and the look of wonder in her eyes. Kairi’s personality is larger than life, and she always maintains a spunky attitude. With her one-of-a-kind, entertaining personality and vibrant facial expressions, Kairi hopes to radiate positivity around the world.


Get to know Kairi below!

Kairi 1

Where did Kairi's name come from?

Kairi is a nickname that her mom used in high school. It is a character from a game called Kingdom Hearts!
Kairi 3

What are Kairi’s favorite foods?

Some of Kairi's favorite foods are Gerber Lil' Crunchies, Arrowroot Cookies, and Puffs. She also loves her chicken nuggets!
Kairi 2

Any funny or cute habits?

Kairi has a spunky attitude and vibrant facial expressions. Sometimes when she's excited her parents will hear her make a cute “growling” sound!
Kairi 4

What are some games Kairi enjoys playing?

Kairi loves playing hide and seek and building forts with blankets. She laughs so much when daddy plays along with her!

Get to know our past Spokesbabies!


Lucas - 2018 Spokesbaby

Lucas' infectious smile and radiating personality caught our judges' eyes immediately in the selection process and we have been in love ever since. Since Lucas captured hearts around the world, he served as an honorary judge on the 2018 Photo Search judging panel to bookend his reign as Spokesbaby and welcome Kairi to the Gerber family. Lucas, now 2 ½ years old, is from Dalton, Georgia.

Riley - 2017 Spokesbaby

Our judges loved the expression on Riley’s face and how well he captured their attention through a simple photograph. Riley, now 2 ½ years old, was born in Columbus, Ohio, but has made the move with mom, dad and little sister Mia (and big fur bother Dukie) to Orlando, Florida! He loves living near Mickey Mouse and has mom and dad take him frequently to give Mickey and the gang big hugs.

Isla - 2016 Spokesbaby

Isla's fantastic hair and captivating smile drew the Gerber judges to her photo. Now at 3 ½ years old, Isla live in Troy, Michigan, with her mom, dad, big sister (Nora), baby brother (Jack) and family cat Finnegan.

Grace - 2015 Spokesbaby

We just fell in love with Grace's smile (and those dimples)! Grace, now 4 ½ years old, is from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
Paxton and Levi

Levi & Paxton - 2014 Spokesbabies

Paxton and Levi were our first and only twins to date in Photo Search history. The judges were in awe with the Strickland twins. Paxton and Levi, now 5 years old, are from Wernersville, Pennsylvania.
Mary Jane

Mary Jane - 2013 Spokesbaby

Mary Jane’s big, bright eyes and adorable smile drew the Gerber judges to her photo. Mary Jane is now 7 years old and lives with her mom and dad in Fresno, California.

Tate - 2012 Spokesbaby

Our judges were captured by Tate's adorable smile and bright blue eyes. Now 8 years old, Tate was born in Springfield, Missouri, but has made the move with mom, dad and two little brothers to Austin, Texas!

Mercy - 2011 Spokesbaby

Mercy’s candid expression and adorable features (especially those full and bouncy curls) are what made us fall in love with our first-ever Photo Search winner. Mercy, now 11 years old, is from Toledo, Ohio.
PS 2018

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