The Gerber Nutrition Journey

  • The Gerber Nutrition Journey is a unique, integrated nutrition solution.
  • Developmental milestones are the basis of The Gerber Nutrition Journey.
  • Products are and developmentally and nutritionally appropriate.

The Gerber Nutrition Journey is a unique, stage-based nutrition system of products, education, support and services. It’s made up of five parts, each supported by nutrition science and sound feeding guidance.

Consistent with the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations, The Gerber Nutrition Journey recommends starting with breastfeeding, because breastmilk is the ideal food for babies. Once your baby is ready, Gerber can provide guidance on developmentally-appropriate feeding choices.

Development-Based Milestone Symbols™
Because all babies develop differently, it’s important that feeding choices are based on stages of development, not chronological age. That’s why we created a range of developmentally-based Milestone Symbols. These color-coded icons will be on every Gerber product to help you quickly identify the products, services and information that are appropriate for your child at each developmental stage:

For mom. For baby. From the beginning.

During your pregnancy and throughout your child’s first years, MyGerber is your guide to being a Mom for life.

Once you’ve signed up for MyGerber, you’ll get access to a personalized Dashboard that guides you through each important Milestone of your baby’s life. You can also sign up to have information sent right to your inbox. That means you’ll get the nutrition information you need, when you need it.

We also have the Tools you need to help you keep track of it all during a hectic time. Chart your baby’s growth, follow feeding habits, plan menus and try new foods. Even when you’re on the go you can stay in sync with your dashboard with the MyGerber mobile App.

Science-Based Products

All Gerber foods for babies, toddlers and young children fit into The Gerber Nutrition Journey. 

Brands in The Gerber Nutrition Journey include: 

GERBER® baby foods and juices
GERBER® baby foods and juices
GRADUATES® snacks, beverages, and meals
GRADUATES® snacks, beverages, and meals

Our stage-based products can help you feel confident that what you’re giving your child supports her healthy growth and development. Backed by the world’s largest private nutrition-related research facility, we continually evaluate and fine-tune the nutritional value of our products to meet the needs of babies and young children.

Resources for you
As your baby’s developmental and nutritional needs change from Birth+ to Preshooler, we’re here to support you. You can contact one of our Registered Dietitians or a Certified Lactation Consultant to answer your questions about prenatal nutrition for you, nutrition for your little one, and breastfeeding. Call us at 1-800-508-1717 or schedule a free appointment.


In-Store Childhood Nutrition Section
Our guided education continues in-store and on the shelves. All Gerber products are located in one area, with shelves arranged so that products progress according to age and developmental stages. This way, you can easily choose the right products for your child.

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