Why Gerber?

  • Gerber is committed to fostering healthy growth and development for infants and toddlers.
  • The Gerber Nutrition Journey is a unique, integrated nutrition solution.

Naturally, parents want to do the best they can to nourish their babies, but they’re faced with a multitude of nutrition decisions every day, bombarded with conflicting and often confusing information as their schedules get busier. 

At Gerber, we work hard to become a parent’s trusted partner in fostering healthy growth and development and helping establish healthy eating habits from Birth+ to Preschooler.

The Gerber Nutrition Journey

The Gerber Nutrition Journey is our commitment to nourishing a healthier generation, one baby at a time. Nestlé believes breastfeeding1 offers the best possible start for babies, followed by inclusion of developmental, stage-appropriate feeding choices.

The Gerber Nutrition Journey is a unique, integrated nutrition solution that provides products, information and guidance backed by rigorous science and research to help parents make the right nutritional choices for their little ones from birth to 4 years. The Journey starts with breastfeeding and includes scientifically advanced infant formula, and nutritionally and developmentally appropriate foods from the Supported Sitter to Preschooler Milestones.

Gerber also understands that good nutrition begins even before a baby is born—that’s why we provide expectant moms with healthy menus and guidance on prenatal nutrients that are important for her little one’s healthy growth and development.

1Nestlé supports breastfeeding as the best start for babies. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, breastmilk is recommended as the main source of a baby’s nutrition for the first year; in the absence of breastmilk, infant formulas are the most appropriate substitutes.

The Gerber Nutrition Journey

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