Clean Field Farming™

It’s how we ensure our fruit & veggie purees are not only nutritious, but also wholesome and safe for every tiny tummy.

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Farmer and BabyFarmer and Baby

Our Ag Team

We are serious about growing food specifically for babies. That’s why we have a team of agriculture experts that work hands-on with the farmers who grow most of our crops.


Going Beyond Nutrition

We're partnering with TerraCycle to take our sustainability efforts to the next level through a national recycling program.

Pear TreePear Tree

Tracing Produce to its Roots

Grower Stephanie Kipp shares our obsession with tracking produce.


Knowing the Farms and the Fields

We know where every fruit & veggie is grown.

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Starting with Better Soil

Our requirements for growing our fruits and veggies are among the strictest in the world.

Putting babies firstPutting babies first

Putting Babies First

Our Agriculture Team knows exactly how to grow for babies.


  Harvesting to be Naturally Delicious

We harvest at just the right time to make naturally yummy purees.


Keeping Soil in the Family

Some soil can have naturally high levels of nitrates and heavy metals, which you don’t want in your baby’s food. That’s why we created requirements for growing our fruits and veggies that are among

Choosing seedsChoosing seeds

Choosing the Right Seed

Gerber puts careful consideration into the seeds it chooses to grow the best fruit and veggies.


Farming with Our Gerber Agriculture Team

We partner with our farmers to be sure the food we grow meets standards strict enough for tiny tummies.


Transporting Produce with Care

No detail is too small for the Gerber Agriculture Team when it comes to transporting produce.

seed selectionseed selection

Choosing the Right Seeds, Varieties & Growing Regions

We only choose specific seeds, varieties & growing regions that ensure vibrant, delicious foods for your little one.

non GMO iconnon GMO icon

Growing Non-GMO

While most fruits and veggies grown today are non-GMO, all Gerber fruits and veggies have always been non-GMO, and we’re committed to keeping it that way.

harvesting green beansharvesting green beans

The Fanfare of the Harvest

Before harvest, our fruits and veggies are checked for taste, ripeness, color and firmness so they’re picked at just the right time to make the very best food for your little one. That way, they taste

transportation icontransportation icon

Bringing Crops Safely to our Kitchen

We keep our crops safe and wholesome on their journey from farm to kitchen.

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Raising the Bar

Each year we share best practices that are raising the bar not only for us, but for our entire agriculture community.

crop rotation iconcrop rotation icon

  Restoring Nutrients Naturally

We help restore nutrients in the soil naturally through best-in-class crop rotation practices.

Some of our Top FAQ's

  • Are Gerber® juices pasteurized?

    Yes, Gerber® juices are pasteurized.
  • Are there formulas that are suited for supplementing breastfeeding?

    All routine formulas provide complete nutrition and can be used for supplementing breastmilk. Gerber® Good Start® Gentle powder formula is an ideal choice for when breastfeeding moms supplement because it is made with probiotics, good bacteria also found in breastmilk that support digestive health as well as 2’-FL HMO. 2’-FL HMO is a prebiotic oligosaccharide similar to one of the HMO components found in breastmilk. Gerber Good Start Gentle formulas are also made with 100% whey protein partially hydrolyzed that is easy to digest. Formulas made with 100% whey protein partially hydrolyzed also promote softer stools –which may support a smooth transition to supplementing.

  • Can I feed cereal from a bottle?

    We recommend that you do not feed cereal from a bottle, unless directed by your pediatrician. Feeding cereal from a spoon helps develop feeding skills.

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