Transitioning a Crawler to a Cup

Crawler (8-12 months)
By Gerber

Crawler to Cup

There are a variety of cups to choose from:

  • Hourglass-shaped cups are easy to pick up and set down without tipping.
  • Insulated cups keep drinks cool and fresh.

How to offer a cup

Hand a cup to baby with a small amount of water and help them to bring the cup to their mouth. Slowly tilt the cup for them, and after a lot of these cup trials they will be able to do it on their own. You will notice they have an incomplete lower lip seal, so a cup with a spout can help control spills. If you continue these steps and have them watch you drink from a cup, they will be on their way to drinking only from a cup.

Quick cup do's and don’ts


Do have a variety of cup shapes so they continue to learn.

Do choose easy-grip cups.

Do use a regular open cup too. This works different mouth muscles, helping them hone yet another skill.


Don’t let them carry the cup everywhere they go.

Don’t put them to bed with the cup, to avoid them drinking too much or getting cavities.