Introducing Finger Foods

Crawler (8-12 months)
By Gerber

Your Crawler is still learning how to chew and eat well, so finger foods are a big step for him. Ease your baby in with small, soft pieces that melt quickly in the mouth, are easily mashed and swallowed, and are good for their little fingers to pick up.

Finger Foods for baby

Choosing snacks for your Crawler


There’s a lot to consider when finding snacks for your Crawler to practice feeding himself. Keep these suggestions in mind next time you’re grocery shopping:


  • Star-shaped pieces with ridges are easier for babies to pick up with developing fingers.
  • Puff-type cereal snacks that are designed for Crawlers will dissolve quickly in babies’ mouths.
  • Snacks should stay together as one piece within the baby’s mouth, soften and dissolve quickly.
  • Look for snacks designed to easily stick to wet fingers or hands — even if he’s not capable of grasping.
  • Once your baby is ready to chew, larger snacks with holes are good to help them learn how to hold and grasp.
  • Developmentally appropriate cookies can be crisp, but also easily mashed with or without teeth for safe chewing and swallowing.