Toddler Nutrition Tips

Toddler (12+ months)
By Gerber

Toddler Nutrition and New Foods

What's all this talk about serving a rainbow?

This one's an easy tip to help get your Toddler on the right track. The colorful rainbow of foods helps provide a variety of nutrients in their tummy. Try to introduce new foods with old favorites to help your child accept them and create healthy eating habits sooner.

Make sure your child isn't missing out on nutrients

A balanced diet is made up of a variety of foods—like whole grains, fruit, vegetables, meat, beans and dairy. Include foods with nutrients that your child may be lacking like iron, zinc, potassium, vitamin E and fiber. Plan your meals here.

Let your child decide how much to eat

Do you remember being told to clean your plate? Right now your child needs to learn to listen to their body. If your tot is hungry, let them eat. But if they're full, let them stop.

What does it mean to snack smart?

Toddlers need small meals throughout the day, and typically get a third of their calories from snacks. Give your child the nutrition they need by avoiding high-calorie, low-nutrient foods, like chips, cookies and sugary drinks.

Watch out for what your tot drinks and when

Too much to drink can make your Toddler too full to eat. Let your child enjoy healthy beverage choices like: nutritious toddler drinks, milk, 100% juice, water or juice-and-water blends without added sweeteners. However, do your best to make sure they aren't filling up before they eat.

Are there really such things as good fats?

Yes! Your tot’s foods should include calories from fat for growth and brain development. Include healthy sources of unsaturated fat like fatty fish, avocados and foods made with vegetable oils into your Toddler’s diet. Once they switch from breastmilk or formula to cow’s milk, prepare foods with one tablespoon soy or canola oil to give your child the essential fats they need.

So what about salt?

Children don't need all the salt that tastes right to you so remember you don't need to add salt to your cooking or your tot's food. Let your Toddler experience the natural flavors of food.