Your Sitter’s Hunger & Fullness Cues

Sitter (6-8 months)

Sitter Cues

Hunger signs


Here's how your sitter let's you know its time to eat!


  • Cries or fusses when hungry for milk or desires food.
  • Reaches for spoonfuls of food.
  • Opens mouth and leans in toward bowl or spoon.
  • Smiles and looks at you while feeding to say they want to continue eating.



Knowing when he’s full


Whether breast-, bottle- or spoon-feeding, your baby makes his wishes known when he’s full. Don't force more food than your baby seems to want. Respect that he knows when he's full.

Fullness signs


  • Turns his head from the nipple, if it’s breast or bottle.
  • Leans away from the food and may push the spoon away.
  • Clenches his mouth shut and doesn’t allow you to feed him.
  • Spits out food that he likes.
  • Pushes away the bowl or whatever food is there.
  • Slows down the pace, gets distracted and looks elsewhere.
  • Falls asleep while feeding.