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Recently, there's been a report that is raising concerns about elements like lead in foods for children. We know this sounds scary and want to reassure our Gerber families that everything we make is safe for baby.

All our foods and juices are made with careful attention to safety every step of the way from farm to fork:

  • • We only use ingredients that meet our high standards for young children
  • • We regularly check our water quality
  • • We test our foods and beverages to ensure they fall well within all available guidance levels from the FDA.

Little ones deserve the highest standards and we never stop pushing ourselves to make safe and nutritious foods and juices for children! 

We know that you may have questions; and we want to make sure that you have the information you need. Below are some questions that we'd have as parents — and answers to those questions.



If you have any additional questions beyond the information provided below, our Parents Resource Center team is available 24/7 at 1-800-432-0148.

You've Got Questions; We've Got Answers

Q: How much lead is in baby’s food?
A: We take all concerns related to quality and safety very seriously because your child’s safety always comes first. We tested 2,000 samples of our foods and juices over the last three years and can confirm all Gerber® foods and beverages tested are safe and we follow the best available guidance from the U.S. FDA. This includes tests of more than 1,000 samples of Gerber juices, of which 100% were under the 15ppb limit set by the EPA for drinking water. We know babies need extra care, and we are always working to improve. 

Q: How do you ensure your beverages and foods are safe?
A: To ensure our juices and foods are safe, we:
• Only use ingredients that meet our high internal standards
• Regularly check our water quality
• Use high-quality equipment 
• Test finished foods and beverages to ensure they follow the best available guidance from the U.S. FDA
We never stop working to provide the most wholesome nutrition for your child.

Q: How does lead get into foods?
A: We know this topic may be concerning and want to reassure you that our foods and juices follow the best available guidance levels from the U.S. FDA.
Trace amounts of lead can often be found in the environment, including water and soil, so it is possible that small amounts can be present in fruits and vegetables. Knowing this, we only use high-quality ingredients and we ensure our foods and juices fall well within all available guidance levels from the FDA.


Gerber lead baby food


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