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Milestone Questions


My pediatrician said my baby has colic. Do you have any products for babies with colic?
Breastfeeding is going great and I def want to keep it up when I go back to work. Do you have any tips for me?

Supported Sitter

I think my baby is ready for solid food – how do I know for sure and what should I start with?
I just started my baby on solids – how much should I offer?


I am starting to introduce more variety to my baby but she doesn’t seem to like certain things. Should I give up after my first try?
Can I feed my sitter directly from the pouch?


My baby is ready for finger foods – what are some options I can give him?
When can I introduce a cup to my baby?


My Toddler wants to feed himself now – should I let him practice self-feeding?
Can I give my baby milk before she turns one?


I am having trouble thinking of nutritious meal and snack ideas for my child – do you have something that can help?
My kiddo wants to help me in the kitchen. What are some ideas of things she can do?

General questions

Most asked

Do you have some tips for pumping breastmilk at work?
I'd like to occasionally feed my baby breastmilk from a bottle. Do you have suggestions?
How should I add juice to my child’s diet?
Are Gerber® juices pasteurized?
My baby’s pressing against my stomach and making it uncomfortable to eat. What can I do?

Baby's Feeding

When should I start my baby on solid foods?
How much juice should I give my baby daily?
How soon can I give my child honey?
What’s the first solid food I should feed my baby?
Why should my baby avoid cow's milk in the first year?
Should my baby’s diet include cereal?
What age is appropriate to start using GERBER PURE® Water?
My toddler loves French fries, but I’d like him to eat more vegetables. Any ideas?
When should I begin feeding my baby Sitter-appropriate cereals?
How will I know when my child is ready for GRADUATES® products?
What’s the difference between GERBER® 3RD FOODS® and GRADUATES® products? What’s the difference between GERBER® 1ST FOODS®, GERBER® 2ND FOODS®, and GERBER® 3RD FOODS® products and when do I start each of them?
When should I begin feeding my baby Crawler-appropriate cereals?
I think my baby is ready for table foods. Why should I feed GERBER® 3rd FOODS®?
When is a good time to introduce wheat into my baby’s diet?
What’s the difference between 2ND Foods and 3RD Foods?
Is there anything I can do to get my baby ready for solid foods?
When can I introduce a cup?
My baby is a picky eater. How can I get her to try new foods?
When is it okay to start cereal?
When should I start my baby on GERBER® Juices?
My toddler loves hot dogs. Is this a problem?

Baby's Health

What do I need to know about taking care of baby’s teeth?
How do I know whether my baby is getting enough Iron?
What causes constipation in babies? How can I alleviate the problem?
What are antioxidants?

Bottle Feeding

What's the best way to heat a bottle of breastmilk or formula? How should I warm my baby’s bottle?
Our baby won't go to bed without a bottle. Is this ok?


Are there formulas that are suited for supplementing breastfeeding?
How do I know if my breastfeeding baby’s getting enough to eat?
I am going back to work and plan to supplement my breastmilk with formula. Do you have any tips for mothers who are supplementing?
I have very small breasts. Will I still be able to breastfeed?
I'm returning to work soon and want to continue giving my baby breastmilk. Can I store my breastmilk? How should I store breastmilk?
My breasts are swollen and it's painful to breastfeed. What can I do?
Should I breastfeed my baby?
Should I consider breastfeeding after returning to work?
What are nucleotides?
What’s Gerber’s view on breastfeeding?
Will my baby need water or formula in addition to my breastmilk?


What is DHA?
Why is DHA important? What are the benefits?
What are the benefits of DHA for my baby?
Where are common sources of DHA?
How can I ensure that my baby gets enough DHA?
Will my baby get the DHA he needs if I choose not to breastfeed?
My doctor says that the formula I give my baby already has enough DHA in it. Does my baby need more?
Is there such a thing as too much DHA?

Food Allergies/Intolerances

Can I get a list of Gerber® products that contain food allergens?
Can I get a list of Gerber foods that are gluten free?
How do I know whether my child has a food allergy?
My baby’s allergic to certain ingredients. How can I tell if they’re in Gerber® baby foods?
What is Gerber’s labeling policy regarding gluten?
What is a food intolerance?

Formula Feeding

How can older-baby formulas be beneficial for my baby?
When can I switch my older baby/toddler to GERBER® GRADUATES® Gentle or GRADUATES® Soothe formulas?
Should I sterilize water to prepare formula?
Why choose a soy-based formula?
I want to start supplementing breastmilk with formula. How should I do it and what formula do you recommend?
What are nucleotides?
What are probiotics and what benefits do they provide for babies?
What’s 100% whey protein?
Can you tell me more about probiotics in infant formula?
What does “partially hydrolyzed proteins” mean?
How do I know which formula’s right for my child?
Should I add an older-baby formula to my baby’s diet?


I’m pregnant and get hungry when I’m at work. What are some ideas for healthy snacks?
I’ve gained a lot of weight and I’m feeling really uncomfortable. Is it ok to eat less?
Now that I'm pregnant, should I cut down on salt?
How much weight should I/will I gain?
Why are pregnant women advised to take a prenatal vitamin and mineral supplement?
How much weight should I be gaining during my pregnancy?
My doctor prescribed a vitamin and mineral supplement. Can't I just buy one over the counter?
I’m hungry throughout the day – what are healthy snacks that I can eat while home and on the go?
I want to breastfeed my baby. Where can I learn more about it?
What can I do about heartburn?
Why am I sick in the middle of the afternoon?
I think I’m pregnant, and I’ve heard that folic acid is essential for my baby. What is it and why is it important?
I plan to breastfeed but have heard that my feeding choices do not always go as planned. How can I prepare for the unexpected?


How do I find the “use by” date on the product?
How do I read the code on the packaging?
Can you take my name off your mailing/email list?
Does Nestlé follow the World Health Organization (WHO) Code?
How do I find a hospital with Gerber® ready-to-feed formula?


How can I get coupons for formula?
Do you have special offers for moms with twins/triplets?
Can you send me samples?



How long may I keep leftover juice in the refrigerator?
Does Gerber Pure water contain fluoride?
Does my baby need more fluoride?
Do I need to boil Gerber Pure® water before mixing with my baby’s formula?
Why is Gerber Pure® water Made for Mixing™* and not drinking water?
Do I need to dilute Gerber® juice when giving it to my child?
Why is it called Gerber Pure® water?
Should I put juice in a cup or can I give it to my baby in a bottle?

Baby Cereal

How do I prepare baby cereal? How thick should I mix baby cereal?
Can I feed cereal from a bottle?
How do I store cereal?
Can I warm my baby’s cereal in the microwave?

Baby Food

Can I warm baby food in the microwave?
Can I store leftover baby food in the fridge?
Can I freeze Gerber baby foods?
How do I prepare baby food?
Do baby foods need to be heated?

Gerber Meals & Snacks

How do I store Gerber mealtime products?
When can I start feeding Lil’ Sticks® meat sticks?
How will I know when my child is ready for Gerber® snacks, Toddler pouches, or meals products?
Do I have to microwave Gerber® toddler meal selections?
How do I store Gerber snack products?
How do I store Gerber Yogurt products?


What does "USDA-certified organic" mean?
What Gerber® Organic products does Gerber offer?
Can I start my baby on solid foods using Gerber® Organic products?
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