Supported Sitter

Supported Sitter

Supported Sitter

Holding objects and bringing them to their mouth, gaining control of their head—your baby’s motor skills are developing every day. Soon, when your little one can sit upright with some support, they’ll be ready for you to introduce them to new tastes and textures.

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Physical Skills

  • Starts to keep her head stable.
  • Sits up with support.
  • Still loses balance & rolls over.
  • Pushes herself up with straight arms & can turn her head to look around while on tummy.
  • Grasps for things voluntarily.


Eating Skills

  • Uses tongue to move food back to swallow
  • Uses swallow reflex to swallow once food is in back of throat.
  • Recognizes a spoon when it's time to eat.
What to know now

Your Supported Sitter's impressive progress

Whoa, baby! Your little one has enough muscle control, strength and balance to sit up with support. When they can sit up with your help, we call them “Supported Sitters,” but they’re doing much more than sitting on their tushies.

Rev those motor skills


Your baby’s got moves, and you’ve got a front row seat! Supported Sitters build their motor skills and muscles by lying on their tummies and sitting up with support. Kiddo can push up while on their tummy, sit up, turn their head and look around. Talk to your pediatrician if you have any concerns about your baby's development.



Getting a taste of solids


Now that they’re starting to control their mouth, your Supported Sitter may be ready to start some yummy solids. Before, their tongue could only push food out. Now it can move from front to back to swallow (they still might push food out, though). Your baby’s gag reflex is getting better, so they can control what they swallow. Supported Sitters can recognize the plate and utensils, so try using the same ones to get them excited for yummy foods. For more information check out "Learning how to eat."



Chatty baby


Your baby’s learning that you’ve got stuff to say, and they want to join in on the fun. Right now, their interactions mean lots of crying, but that doesn't mean they aren't listening to you. They'll start to understand that different cries can mean different things at around 4 to 6 months. Then, when your Supported Sitter babbles, they’re imitating your sounds, pitch and rhythm. Try supporting their sounds with words that include the same noises. So, when they say “da,” you say, “daddy.”



Seeing the world


You could probably stare at your baby all day, but they’re actually just starting to make out what you look like. At four months, your baby can see a few feet away, different colors and some depth. Their vision is important for their motor skills and brain development as they start to follow objects with their eyes. They’ve gone from holding things involuntarily to choosing to hold things on their own. They’re getting ready to grab those toys!

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Frequently asked questions

I just started my baby on solids – how much should I offer?

Welcome to the exciting world of solid food – such an exciting time! Just remember that her first tastes usually start off small, usually less than a tablespoon or two. Eventually she’ll work her way up to eating more. Remember, in these early days healthy eating habits are being established so it’s important to always follow your LO’s hunger and fullness cues. Questions about examples of serving sizes and nutritious menus? Check out our menu planner today!

I think my baby is ready for solid food – how do I know for sure and what should I start with?

That’s so exciting! Every baby is different so be sure to check in with your pediatrician to see if your LO is ready to start the solid food adventure. Around the middle of the first year, babies may be ready if they have good head control and can sit up with help. Once you and your pediatrician have decided your baby is ready, start with iron fortified baby cereal to help provide this important nutrient. Don’t worry if your baby doesn’t know what to do or really eat much, they are learning how to get their first tastes so more may end up on their bib than in their mouth! Questions? Give Dotti a shout to speak with one of our RDs.


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